Nancy Connor – ERC5 – Every Ending is a New Beginning

It was so wonderful to see almost 150 of you last week at our Annual Breakfast Meeting with NFL Hall of Famer and Business Entrepreneur Fran Tarkenton.  If you would like to hear the speech from the Mad Scrambler himself (who is spry 81 years young) you can now catch him on the ERC5 website!

I wanted to personally let you know as of our Annual Meeting, I have officially stepped away from my role with the Chamber, and the ERC5 has a new executive director, Grace Barone.  It is my hope you will welcome Grace with the same spirit you embraced and shared with me over these past five years.  I am confident she will be very successful in her new role with so much support and expertise. It has been a wonderful experience leading and working with you to grow and celebrate the incredible strength of our business community, here in Western MA.

I appreciate all your creative guidance, generous contributions, and investments in both the Chamber as well as our community. The good news is I will be seeing you at an event or meeting soon, as I have joined the ERC5 as a member, expanding my development business  Please stay in touch and reach outmy email is

With much gratitude and warmest wishes!