Western Mass Cities

From Chicopee, to West Springfield, and anywhere in between, there is a city for everyone in Western Mass.


With a population of 55,717 residents, Chicopee (Hampden County) is the second largest city in Western Massachusetts.

Education- Seventeen schools, three of which are private. Two private institutions of higher education: The College of Our Lady of the Elms and the Porter and Chester Institute.

Government- Mayor John Vieau; 13-member city council representing nine residential wards.

Industrial Parks- Cabotville Industrial Park, Chicopee River Industrial Park, Westover.

Infrastructure- Westover Air Reserve Base and Westover Metropolitan Airport with the largest runway on the east coast at 11,597 x 301 feet. Two exits of Interstate-90 are located here as well as the bulk of Interstate-391, a connecting route of Interstate 91.

Industry- Home to nearly 3,000 companies. The largest employers include Covidien, Dielectrics Inc., Essentra Porous Technologies and U.S. Tsubaki.

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Officially made the Commonwealth's newest city in 2003, Greenfield (Franklin County) is comprised of 17,456 residents.

Education- Eleven schools, three are private; Greenfield Community College.

Government- Mayor Roxann Wedegartner; ten town council members for nine districts.

Industrial Parks- The Interstate 91 Industrial Park.

Industry- There are over 500 private businesses include commercial and industrial entities. The city's largest employers are Baystate Franklin Medical Center, Charlene Manor Extended Care Facility, Buckley Health Care and Bete Fog Nozzle.

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Famous for hosting the nation's second largest annual St. Patrick's Day Parade, Holyoke (Hampden County) is home to more than 40,000 people.

Education- Eighteen schools, six are private; Holyoke Community College.

Government- Mayor Alex B. Morse; 15-member city council representing seven residential wards.

Industrial Parks- The Whiting Farms Road Industrial Area, Crossroads Development Park.

Infrastructure- Multiple exits, including the intersection of Interstates 90 (Masspike) and 91.

Industry- Manufacturing dominates this city's industries with 170 business and 4,800 employees. The largest employers include the Holyoke Hospital Health Care, Holyoke Community College, ISO New England Electric Power Management, and Providence Behavioral Center Health Care.

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The City of Westfield (Hampden County) is noted for a strong arts culture, plentiful recreation areas, numerous warehousing centers and its Air National Guard Base. Within a population of 41,301, 15 percent of the city's residents are college students.

Education- A total of 19 schools, seven are private; Westfield State University.

Government- Mayor Donald Humason; 13 city councilors for 6 wards

Industrial Parks- Clark Industrial Park, Summit Lock.

Infrastructure- Westfield-Barnes Airport.

Industry- Largest employers include Westfield Bank, Connleaf's Inc., Beacon-Morris, Home Depot, Gulfstream and Noble Hospital.

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West Springfield

West Springfield has been nicknamed "The Crossroads of New England" because of its location at the intersection of interstates 90 and 91. It is home to the Eastern States Exposition, the largest agricultural fair in the North East and is the fifth largest in the United States.

Education and Population - A total of 14 schools, 3 are private; Lower Pioneer Valley Collaborative School. Population of 28,137 as of 2014.

Housing - West Springfield has approximately 12,100 housing units. Of these units, 56.2% are single family, 20.8% are two to four family, and 21.8% are five+ family.

Parks and Open Space - West Springfield has 18 parks. Both Bear Hole and Mittineague Park are large open space areas, with over 1,200 acres and about 325 acres respectively.
Government- Mayor William Reichelt; 9 member city council

Industrial Parks- Interstate Drive Industrial Park, Industrial areas near Circuit Drive, Union Street, and Memorial Avenue.

Infrastructure- The crossroads of interstates 90 and 91, with multiple exits to West Springfield. Route 5 runs through the town as well.

Industry- West Springfield has over 1,900 businesses. It is also home of the CSX Intermodal rail yard, the largest in southern New England.

Geographical Location - West Springfield is adjacent to Springfield, MA, is within 30 minutes of Hartford, CT, is 90 miles from Boston, and is 80 miles from Albany, NY.

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