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The Economic Development Council of Western Massachusetts, Inc. (EDC) and EDC 413Works, Inc. defines indirect costs as general operational costs incurred by an organization that are not directly attributable to a project. Indirect costs may include expenses such as rent, utilities, human resources, IT, legal and finance. The EDC and EDC 413WORKS allow sub-awardees a maximum indirect cost rate of 10% of the total direct program costs. However, if sub-awarding funds are received from another philanthropic organization for the project, the EDC and EDC 413WORKS will impose the same indirect cost rate and policies as the primary funder.

The EDC and EDC 413WORKS reserve the right to request further explanation of how an indirect cost rate has been calculated. Organizations with an actual indirect cost rate lower than the maximum allowed rate should not request more than their actual indirect cost rate. The actual indirect cost rate awarded is at EDC’s sole discretion.  The EDC and EDC 413WORKS reserve the right to modify its policy from time to time.