MachineMetrics raises $11.3M, plans to boost workforce, focus on global sales

Picture the scene: A factory floor buzzing with machinery, cranking out parts efficiently and quickly. Suddenly, everything grinds to a halt. The machines stop working. Supervisors scurry to figure out the problem. But imagine having the technology that could predict when errors would arise, when machines would fail. That’s where MachineMetrics, an industrial Internet of Things startup that specializes in predictive analytics for manufacturers, enters the picture. “We can notify a customer if something is going to happen,” CEO William M. Bither said recently. “We’ve detected a half hour before an actual tool was going to fail that there was going to be a failure. We’re seeing that happen more and more.” Bither is a co-founder of the company, along with Eric Fogg and Jacob Lauzier.

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