Legislative Update – Paid Family and Medical Leave

Legislative Update:  Paid Family and Medical Leave

Dear Chamber Member,

I wanted to notify you that the Department of Paid Family and Medical Leave has developed templates to assist you with the required notice to your workforce informing them of the PMFL program, contribution rates, benefits, etc.. The notice must be delivered to your current employees or self-employed individuals you are currently contracting with no later than May 31, 2019. The notice must be delivered to new employees within 30 days of date of hire or at the time of contract with respect to self-employed individuals.The notice may be provided electronically, but, if you choose to do so, it must include the opportunity for the employee or self-employed individual to acknowledge receipt or decline to acknowledge receipt of the information.

Click here for the requirements and notifications in English.

Click herefor all translated versions of the notifications.

And, if you missed my last email update from us, the updated draft regulations have been published and can be found here. You may submit comments on these draft regulations here.

The Department will hold two formal public hearings on these updated draft regulations. We expect these hearings to begin in May but, as of yet, do not have the final dates. Final regulations will be published prior to the July 1 deadline as mandated by the statute which is the date employers must begin to collect and remit the required program contributions.

The Chamber will continue to actively participate in the statewide working group and will provide additional feedback as necessary on behalf of our membership. I will continue to keep you updated through our newsletter or email updates, but I also encourage you to sign up for the Department’s newsletter here.

A multi-chamber Lunch n Learn on the Paid Family Medical Leave program will be held on May 7 at the East Mountain Country Club in Westfield. You may register for that event here.


Nancy F. Creed, IOM
Springfield Regional Chamber