Hyundai Salute to Heroes honors Chicopee woman with new Tucson

After a summer of submissions, the local Hyundai dealer’s ‘Salute to Heroes’ initiative came to an end with a special surprise on Tuesday. One western Massachusetts resident received a new Tucson as a thank you for their generosity. On Tuesday, Jess Miller woke up knowing she had a media appearance for what she thought was going to build momentum for her nonprofit dedicated to children. Instead, she was on the receiving end of a wild new ride.

“When I got out of the car, I thought I was here for a press release for Clinical and Support Options and then I saw my friend, Linda, who works with us and then I saw Heather, who works with us, who’s a teacher and should be working right now, and then I saw Paula and her sister and then I saw a friend of mine, Linda Belt, a comedian, and I was like ‘Something’s not…this is weird,’” Miller said.

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