Explore Holyoke Restaurant Week

The Holyoke Office of Planning & Economic Development (OPED), in collaboration with Holyoke Community College (HCC), Greater Holyoke Chamber, and Glammoré Premier Events, is happy to announce an exciting cultural event called Explore Holyoke Restaurant Week (EHRW). As part of our 2019 Holyoke Tourism Plan, OPED has been working with a large tourism stakeholders’ group to move forward on strategic tourism initiatives and promote local business. 

The Explore Holyoke Restaurant Week event is scheduled for Monday, June 6th to Sunday, June 12th. This will be a 7-day celebratory festival kicking off with food demonstrations from our diverse local restaurateurs highlighting the art and science of cooking. For further information on participating restaurants registration to view food demonstrations, food demo schedule, download a “food passport,” and view guidelines for EHRW, please on this link here

In addition to EHRW, the City of Holyoke is pleased to announce and kickoff a brand new website that will be going live for this event called, Explore Holyoke. This website is a community tool that provides the opportunity for tourists and local residents to view upcoming events and obtain information with reference to activities, retail businesses, and restaurants in Holyoke. Explore Holyoke invites visitors to explore the tourism, arts, cultural and entertainment possibilities in the city. The website is a unique form to engage the community and provide locals and visitors with transparency of what the wonderful city of Holyoke offers. “For years, we have heard about the need for a community events calendar in Holyoke, and now we have it. Anyone can submit an event listing and have it added to the calendar,” Director of Planning & Economic Development Aaron Vega said. 

The website not only provides information, but the community can utilize it as a tool for planning, marketing, information, and as a guide to visiting Holyoke for quick ideas on where to visit, what to eat, and when to come. Individuals are encouraged to list their business or organization on the website via an automatic submittal form online and submit events to the calendar. “We encourage everyone in and around Holyoke to check out Explore Holyoke and for every Holyoke-based organization to list their events and retail opportunities. The calendar can only be as strong as we the community make it,” Vega added. Please feel free to check it out here


OPED would like to add a thank you to CDEVision for their work on the Explore Holyoke website and to the Mass Gaming Mitigation Grant that has made all this work possible. For questions about Explore Holyoke Restaurant Week or the Explore Holyoke website, please contact Ileana Carrion, Senior Project Manager, OPED, at carrioni@holyoke.org or 413-322-5655.