Exciting news from Bay Path University’s MS in Cybersecurity program!

Increasingly we are learning that cyber threats are posing serious challenges to businesses and governments. Today, the need for cybersecurity professionals far outpaces the supply. In response, Bay Path University has added new, career-focused concentrations to its MS in Cybersecurity program! These new concentrations include Cyber Defense, Digital Forensics, and Generalist

Cyber Defense – Students will learn best practices for identifying malicious activities and attacks, developing appropriate responses for common incidents, carrying out incident response activities, and supporting cyber-crime investigations. In addition, students in this concentration develop ethical hacking skills and apply these as countermeasures to system intrusions and data breaches.

Digital Forensics – Students will utilize best-in-class forensic software used extensively by law enforcement, government agencies, and corporations. They will learn to recover data, classify risks, identify and categorize vulnerabilities, and recommend remediation strategies that are effective in criminal and civil digital investigations in the public and private sectors.

Generalist – Effectively tailor your cybersecurity journey with additional courses in Cybersecurity, Data Science, or from our MBA program, that will best suit your career goals. The generalist concentration is intended to help students obtain a strong foundational understanding of computer network infrastructure, vulnerabilities, exploitations, security management, risk, and cyber crime prevention. e

In addition to these new concentrations Bay Path will also be lowering the credit requirement from 36 credits to 30, making this program even more affordable! To learn more about these new, exciting opportunities schedule an appointment today! We look forward to connecting with you!

The Office of Graduate Admissions
Bay Path University