ERC5 13th Annual Breakfast Meeting Featuring Keynote Speaker NFL Hall of Fame Legend FRAN TARKENTON !

We are grateful to announce our keynote speaker will be NFL Legend Hall of Famer Fran Tarkenton who is widely regarded as the first “scrambling” quarterback and set NFL passing records for touchdowns, passing yards, and completions that stood for 17 years after his retirement. 

Fran is a hands-on entrepreneur who has been building successful businesses all his life, starting even before he played in the NFL. He is a passionate advocate for small business and entrepreneurship. Over the past 30+ years, Fran has founded and built more than 20 successful companies, the largest reaching revenues over $142 million.  A few of his successful companies and ventures include, Tarkenton Financial, KnowledgeWare, Teleconferencing Services, and SmallBizClub.

We hope to see you there! Register at! Sponsorships will be announced shortly.