Development project eyes Westfield as the potential `hub’ of data center market | The Westfield News |August 24, 2021

A new potential development project that would turn Westfield into the hub of the data center market in the Northeast is about to go through the local permitting process, and city leaders are very excited about it.  Listed under Servistar Realties, LLC, the project is the Westfield Data Center Campus at 199 Servistar Industrial Way. Designed to be built in a zoned Industrial A and Industrial Park area spanning 155 acres, the project will include an expected 10 three-story data center buildings totaling 2.7 million square feet of data center space, two accessory buildings and additional site improvements to be built out over a 12 to 18 year-period.  The data center campus is an anticipated $2.7 billion project.

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