Delaney’s Market, Leadfoot Brewing offer flavorful pairing

Delaney’s Market at the Longmeadow Shops has partnered with Chicopee-based Leadfoot Brewing to sell customizable hard seltzers. Delaney’s Market is selling gift sets that contain two 1-ounce bottles of flavoring and a 32-ounce can of Fizzy Foot, Leadfoot Brewing’s unflavored hard seltzer.

One bottle will flavor half a can. Delaney’s Market Manager June Leduc also said customers can mix two flavors in a single can to create unique tastes, such as watermelon-strawberry. The cans and flavorings are also sold separately. The custom seltzers are available at Leadfoot Brewing’s Taproom, 95 North Chicopee St., and at bars across Western Massachusetts, but Delaney’s Market is the exclusive retailer to sell the product.