Cooley Dickinson Hospital’s new emergency department to meet increasing demand of patients

A historic day for Cooley Dickinson Hospital, as they officially announced the expansion and renovation of their new emergency department. In the 10 years since Cooley Dickinson Hospital became part of Mass General Brigham, a representative tells 22News that health quality care has improved. And an extra step in advancing the emergency room capacity will help meet the demand of nearly 40,000 patients.

Prior to this, the department was 40% undersized in meeting community needs. The $26 million project will add 7,700 square feet to accommodate six more beds. The emergency department will also be converted into an oval layout, with an additional CT scan.

“That’s important when time is important to diagnose critical diseases such as a potential stroke, time loss is brain loss,” said Dr. Lynnette Watkins, Cooley Dickinson Hospital President and Chief Operating Officer. “So having medical imaging such as CTs right in the emergency department is critical.”

The community has raised over $7.5 million for this project so far. Watkins says the construction will start in a month or two, and at that time will remain open 24/7. They anticipate being fully staffed once construction is complete.