ChatGPT4 now included in our Certificate in Digital Transformation

The School of Management and Technology at Bay Path University has incorporated ChatGPT4 into a variety of learning assignments in this year’s edition of our Digital Transformation (Dx) Graduate Certificate program!

Generative AI (like ChatGPT4) will allow students to quickly learn how breakthroughs in technology are being employed to optimize value chains and create new products and services in virtually every sector of the economy. The peer discussions that follow these searches will allow a high level of critical thinking, using techniques that are relatively easy to replicate back on the job as new challenges and opportunities emerge.

Students will learn from seasoned instructors, their peers and distinguished regional colleagues from healthcare, manufacturing, insurance and higher education again this year. Recently recorded interviews help students understand the challenges and opportunities that their regional peers have been working on in recent years, bringing their learning throughout the program.

Breakthroughs in cloud computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, the Internet of things (IoT), augmented reality, block chain and more are covered in the first course. The second course provides a deeper dive into these technologies and how they are being employed. The third course allows students to define a real challenge in their value chain and examine a range of approaches that they can take to address these challenges. (see attached Dx flyer for more details).

All three eight week courses are taught online using best practices in asynchronous learning. Courses will be capped at 25 students.

A 60-90 minute optional discussion is offered each week allowing students to interact in real time with their professors and peers in a highly supportive learning environment. Participation in these sessions was very high last year.

Participants can take one, two or all three courses. All three courses are required for the graduate certificate.

Bay Path’s 3-course, online Graduate Certificate in Digital Transformation is designed to:

● understand the power of Large Language-based Generative AI like ChatCPT-4;
● help you understand the nature and scope of the full range of Industry 4.0 technologies;
● provide you with hands-on learning experiences that will help you relate to the opportunities and threats associated with these technologies in your organization; and
● provide you with a forum for sharing your thoughts with colleagues in a safe, virtual learning environment.

Ultimately, this will allow you to develop an action plan for change and development in your organization, opening new career opportunities for you and your colleagues.

Registration for the first course in the Graduate Certificate in Digital Transformation program is currently open. The online course begins on April 24, 2023.

Applications for admission can be completed online by clicking on this link or by calling our Admissions team at 413.565.1332.

The world of work will never be the same, regardless of where you work or the industry you belong to. Now is your chance to be a leader in that change.

Click here to download the flyer