Big E looking to fill over 100 positions ahead of this year’s fair

We’re a little more than a month away from opening day of this year’s Big E fair and on Tuesday, people lined up for their chance to work at one of the nation’s largest fairs.

“Thirty-eight days…oh my goodness,” said Jessica Fontaine, director of education and human resources for the Eastern States Exposition.

Let the countdown begin to The Big E. Before any ride can takeoff, any ring can be tossed, or funnel cake can be eaten, hiring has to take place. For the long line of prospective employees, it may have been their lucky day. A variety of jobs in 10 departments were up for grabs at Tuesday’s job fair. From working as a shuttle driver to helping direct visitors, there are many positions to pick from.

One of those hired on the spot is Gwen Miller. She told us the money she makes will be put to good use.

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