Beveridge Family Foundation Donates $50,000 to MHA to Keep Residents Warm

The building at 157 Pine St. served the people of Springfield for generations as a fire station, before being retired from service 25 years ago and converted into 16 studio and one-bedroom apartments. Today it’s home to people with developmental disabilities who receive support services through MHA. During the conversion to apartments, the building’s heating system received some upgrades, but time has taken its toll. “Our facilities team has managed to keep the heating system afloat, but Band-Aid fixes can only do so much for so long,” said Kimberley Lee, vice president of Resource Development & Branding for MHA. “It’s just a matter of time before it will fail, and then we’d face the enormous challenge of trying to find places to live for all these folks, on top of finding a way to get the old heating system to work again. The obvious solution is a new heating system, but that would only be possible with the support of a community partner.”

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