Bay Path University launches Risk Management cybersecurity degree and offers scholarship program for women pursuing cybersecurity degrees

Bay Path University is expanding its focus in the rapidly growing area of cybersecurity—and helping to bring more women into it—with the introduction of an undergraduate major in risk management. In addition, the University will offer scholarships to women looking to obtain degrees in cybersecurity. Made possible by Strada Education Network, these generous scholarships will help offset the cost of fall 2020 enrollment in cybersecurity programs.

The term ‘risk management,’ applies to the forecasting and evaluation of risks alongside the identification of procedures to avoid or minimize their impact. This new program concentration will include coursework in data privacy, project management, crisis management, and incident recovery.

“Bay Path’s risk management degree is designed for women who enjoy collaborating to proactively identify risks and guard against cyber threats. This degree will enable women to combine valued skills and insights like problem solving, creativity, collaboration, communication and leadership and essential technical knowledge to develop and implement risk management strategies for an incredibly exciting and rewarding career,” states Beverly Benson, program director for Information Technology and Security at The American Women’s College of Bay Path University

With nearly 80% of the organizations surveyed for the 2019 Marsh Microsoft Global Cyber Risk Perception Survey ranking cyber risk as a top-five concern, but only 11% feeling adequately prepared to assess and address those threats, the need for risk managers in the cybersecurity sphere is more important than ever. Within those responding organizations, the majority of board members and senior executives responsible for their organization’s cyber risk management reported that they had less than a day in the last year to spend focused on cyber risk issues.

In time, with training and experience, high paying jobs in cybersecurity are available, especially for women. Bay Path is working to ensure women students get desirable internships in cybersecurity to close the experience gap and position them for better starting salaries,” said Benson.

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