A Tribute to John Gallup

John G. Gallup, the last surviving Charter Trustee of the Community Foundation (CFWM), passed away March 2nd. For those who knew John, you’ll agree he was a giant of a man—in his physical presence and in his ability to champion a cause.

John was part of the original group of volunteers who helped imagine an organization that would promote giving, and ensure that much of that giving would benefit our home communities of Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin Counties. More than envisioning CFWM, John set about making that idea a reality. He spread the word among his networks, emphasizing the importance of establishing a lasting resource for our region. And he connected with local nonprofits, cultivating their confidence and trust in an organization of, by, and for the community. John participated on every CFWM committee, and was always willing to do more.

He stuck with it for thirty years and was one of CFWM’s – and the community’s – staunchest allies, most vocal ambassadors and a devoted, steadfast supporter. Like a very proud father, John sang the praises of CFWM to everyone who would listen. If John was at a community event, you could be sure that several of his fellow guests would leave with a newfound interest in our work.

We are grateful to John for his steady support and guidance, for his vision, and for his willingness to work continually toward that vision.  Despite the hard work involved in this endeavor, John, along with his wife Paula whom we lost last year, was impeccably gracious and kind. They made it all look effortless.

We offer our deepest condolences to John and Paula’s children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and extended family. We have lost their warmth and kindness, but are left with their legacy of commitment.