Organizers, communities planning for return of Ironman 70.3 Western Mass.

As we look ahead to next year, one popular triathalon is making its way back to our area. “Our athletes’ response was ‘Wow,’” said Ironman regional director Dave Christen. “There’s a lot of work to do…We just felt at home. It didn’t feel like a first-year event.”

It’s the 70.3-mile race where athletes compete in running, biking, and swimming. Ironman 70.3 Western Mass. is coming back to the Springfield area next year after a successful first year run in June. However, the race is much more than a competition. It’s also about community. “From your housing and accommodations groups, from just…it seems like a small thing, but even just welcoming us with signage and just a ‘We’re excited to see you’ and ‘We’re excited to have you,’” Christen explained. “Those are unique soft touches that communities and regions like western Mass. can really showcase who they are.”

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