We Lead our Region's Economic Development. We Lead our Region's Economic Development.
Utilities and Infrastructure

Western Massachusetts Utility Companies

 Technology Infrastructure

  • Broadband infrastructure is available in most areas
  • The Springfield Technical Community College Technology Park boasts state-of-the-art fiber optic telecommunications infrastructure for voice lines, high-speed data and Internet access. One of the least expensive locations for a business to send and receive high-speed data transmissions in New England, the business park is also connected to the fiber-optic cables laid alongside the region's interstate highways.
  • Springfield is a major switch hub of the Northeast and the home of switching centers for several major long distance telephone carriers. These centers are interconnected by a fiber optic cable network for increased telecommunications capability and bandwidth capacity. 

  • The region benefits from low cost, redundancy and route diversity because of Springfield's location in the crossroads of all national and international fiber optic backbones serving the Northeast with points of presence for AT&T, MCI WorldCom, Sprint, and Frontier.


  • Commonwealth Energy Resource Teams- Commonwealth Energy Resource Teams (CERTs) to help you with your energy challenges now. This resource has been created to assist Commonwealth businesses with a one-stop-shop resource for energy users.