The Pioneer Valley Labor Market Blueprint

Thank you for your continued support for our collective work to implement the Goals and Strategies in the Pioneer Valley Labor Market Blueprint.

As you know, the Workforce Skills Cabinet (WSC) is requiring a Mid-Point Report be submitted to the WSC by December 15, 2018.  We have been given a template to follow and are aggressively assembling the required collateral to form our narrative.  We are excited about sharing with the WSC the progress that has been made since we began the Implementation phase in the late spring, 2018.  As with the Blueprint, we expect the Secretary’s and/or their staff and others will review the Mid-Point Report and share their thoughts with us.  We continue to believe that as we begin the FY 2020 State budget process in January, the Blueprint will continue to be an integral part of state  funding decisions.

As we reflect on our work during CY 2018 and look at the submission of the Mid-Point Report, we believe that it is important to share progress that has been made to begin the process of connecting the three entities that comprise the WSC, and are the drivers of our regional implementation work namely, the economic development, workforce development and educational entities that have been identified by the Secretary’s as the members of the Pioneer Valley  Regional Planning Core Team.

As a designated  member of the Core Team, we would like you to consider the following action which we believe is an important first step to create sustainable linkages between the three partnering entities.  We would like to be able to include this commitment as a part of our  December 15,2018 Mid-Point Report to the WSC. We are aware that some of you have already taken the action that we are requesting below. We are very appreciative of this, and we are not expecting you to Reply to this request.

  • The designated Pioneer Valley Regional Planning Core Team members agree to place the Pioneer Valley Labor Market Blueprint at an appropriate location on  their respective websites.

We would appreciate you considering this request.0 and if acceptable to take this action by December 15, 2018.  

I have attached the link to the Blueprint for your possible use in this matter.

Thank you

Dave and Patricia