ninth annual virtual CYBERSECURIT Y SUMMIT

Our Presenter
Jessica Bair
Director, Cisco Secure
Technical Alliance

Jessica Bair has over two decades of leadership experience in security. Currently, she is the director of the Cisco Secure Technical Alliance, where she and her team focus on building open ecosystems
for SecureX and over a dozen security product offerings. She also manages the Cisco team in the Security Operations Centers for the RSA Conferences and Black Hat global conferences.

Prior to the acquisition by Cisco, Jessica was senior director of business development at ThreatGRID malware analysis. For over 13 years, she also held vice president and director positions at Guidance Software in their growth from a start-up to a public corporation. Jessica started her career in cybersecurity as a special agent/computer forensic examiner in the US Army Criminal Investigation Command. She earned an MBA from Pepperdine University.

How I Used a Career in Cybersecurity to Design Mine

“I have learned that we have purpose when we find a career that we love, allows us to excel in the profession, and be compensated for our efforts. For me, this is the field of cybersecurity. You can be part of an industry that empowers you to have an incredible work-life balance, and make a difference in the world while gaining recognition. From my experience, there are so many aspects in the industry that need and could benefit from diverse talent—I often remind people that cybersecurity it is not just about coding.

> The skills required to pursue a career in cybersecurity;
> The building blocks to grow a successful cybersecurity career,
including education and career certificates;
> The experience needed to help you in a constantly changing field;
> And, most important, how to cultivate mentorship relationships
and expand your network.
Cybersecurity is a field that doesn’t stand still. With each new wave of
technology, new risks are created. You’ll never be bored as new
challenges need to be solved, and you can always be proud because
your work will have a positive impact on our digital and physical world.”


Sponsored by BAY PATH UNIVERSITY, offering undergraduate degrees in computer science, computer security, digital forensics, and information
assurance and the Master of Science in Cybersecurity Management, and by the ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL OF WESTERN MASSACHUSETTS (EDC).