Holyoke Gas & Electric, Holyoke, Massachusetts – FOOTPRINT

Holyoke Gas & Electric’s (HG&E) mission is to provide competitive rates, innovative and sustainable energy solutions, reliable service, and excellent customer care. HG&E has a long history of leadership in renewable energy and has taken significant steps to reduce Holyoke’s carbon FOOTPRINT while maintaining some of the lowest energy rates in the region. As the Commonwealth works toward net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, HG&E is at the forefront in leveraging hydro, solar, wind, and renewable + battery storage, as well as emerging carbon-free opportunities. In this document we highlight some of the ways we are leading in the development of “innovative and sustainable energy solutions.” Beginning with harnessing energy from the Connecticut River in the 1800s, Holyoke is poised to continue leading the way to a carbon-free future.

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