AIC Unveils Transformed Saremi Center for Career Development

K. Kevin Saremi has been a steadfast supporter of American International College (AIC) since his graduation with an MBA in 1983. Saremi and his wife, Deborah, who met as students at AIC, have both expressed appreciation for the support they received from what was then the College’s Placement Center.

In 2010, the Saremis demonstrated their commitment to the college with a substantial gift to create opportunities for future graduates. In recognition of their generosity, AIC renamed its Career Services Center as the Saremi Center for Career Development. The Saremi Center plays a pivotal role in offering guidance, tools, and resources for career success, both during and after a student’s tenure at AIC.

In late 2023, the Saremis reaffirmed their dedication to the college with a generous donation to modernize the Saremi Center. This recent contribution funded a refurbishment of the center’s space as well as supporting program enhancements. As AIC adapts to evolving workforce and student requirements, the Saremis’ benevolence remains a cornerstone of support for student success.

Beyond their philanthropic endeavors, Saremi co-founded and operates the real-estate firm Saremi LLP with his wife. He serves as the president of Future Health, an educational company focused on health and wellness, and holds the position of chairman of the board at Insurance for Students. Additionally, he is the founder and former CEO of Consolidated Health Plans in Springfield.

Having served as a trustee of AIC since 2006, Saremi currently holds key positions, functioning as the vice chair of the board, vice chair of the executive committee, and chair of the finance, pension, and insurance committee.