We Lead our Region's Economic Development. We Lead our Region's Economic Development.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is the home of more than 6.7 million people within 50 cities and 301 towns, making it the country's third most densely populated state. Although the state has been one of the nation's leading manufacturing centers for more than 200 years, the Massachusetts of today is internationally famous for its prestigious higher education, health care, and high technology industries.

The "Bay State" is located in the center of New England, neighbored by New York, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. Geographically, this state boasts a large coastline, a significant portion of the Connecticut River as well as mountains and valleys.

The Massachusetts: It's All Here marketing campaign was launched as a public-partnership with the goals of retaining existing employers, attracting new jobs,
businesses and creative talent to Massachusetts.

The goals of the It's All Here campaign include:

• Maximizing job growth and regional economic prosperity in Massachusetts
• Increasing capital investment in the Commonwealth.
• Recruiting and retaining young talent in the Commonwealth
• Retaining our highly valued workforce
• Promoting collaboration among those committed to increasing awareness of any
segment of the Massachusetts eco-system
• Growing the network of agencies, initiatives, and individuals committed to
promoting the Commonwealth
• Supporting the Massachusetts tourism industry
• Establishing the most innovative and collaborative methods of accomplishing
these goals

This partnership between the Massachusetts Department of Business Development, MassEcon, MassDevelopment and the Massachusetts International Trade Council is committed to promoting Massachusetts as a globally competitive, innovative, dynamic
and diverse state.

Fast Facts

  • Population- 6,547,629 - 2010 Census
  • Median age- 39.1 years
  • Capitol- Boston
  • Counties- 14
  • Municipalities- 351
  • Major Cities- (populations over 100,000) Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Lowell and Cambridge
  • Colleges and Universities- 122 accredited
  • High School Graduates- 84.8 percent
  • BA/BS degree or higher- 33.2 percent
  • Government- Governor Charles Baker; 40-member Senate; 160-member House of Representatives