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Amherst - Northampton


The area comprising the City of Northampton and Town of Amherst is a mecca for arts, culture, dining, shopping and academics. With a total population of over 66,000 this unique locale exudes a liberal, college town lifestyle.

Northampton, situated 20 miles north of Springfield, is a major New England tourist attraction and was dubbed the "Paradise City" by the famous 19th century singer and actress Jenny Lind. This city also garners national attention for its celebrated diversity, including a large population of gay and lesbian residents.

Mayor David Narkewicz currently governs Northampton, along with a nine-member elected city council (representing seven wards) and an elected treasurer.

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Amherst is home to the University of Massachusetts flagship campus, as well as Amherst and Hampshire colleges. This town's legislative body includes an elected chief executive officer (a 5-member Select Board), as well as a 5-member School Committee, a 6-member Board of Library Trustees, and the Moderator of Town Meeting.












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