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Hidden Tech

HIDDEN-TECH is the collective name for a rapidly growing group of small, mainly home-based companies, scattered throughout Western Massachusetts, who have united through this member-based organization to share business tips, find resources, create alliances, learn business skills and alert regional economic planners and technology service providers to their presence.

HIDDEN-TECH is a virtual organization and small business network that is managed and supported by volunteers who engage colleagues and interest groups through Web-based and email technologies.

HIDDEN-TECH currently boasts over 1900 participants from more than 800 businesses, (primarily based in Western Massachusetts,) and is continually growing in size and scope. These businesses and organizations have completed on-line profiles and actively participate in on-line discussions.

HIDDEN-TECH members generally fall into the following broad market categories: PR/Marketing/Newsletters; Content; E-commerce services/retailers; Hardware/Software Developers; Web Design/Hosting, and Management Consulting/IT Training. Members from a wide range of business, from jewelry designers and photographers to software developers and marketing specialists, all attend meetings. Their connection is that they are all entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs, often home-based, that use technology to drive their businesses.

As an organization, HIDDEN-TECH annually sponsors and produces numerous meetings, seminars, workshops, and social networking event.By focusing their efforts on each other's businesses, they work to help each other reach desired levels of success and growth, while advocating for regional issues and actions related to business and development.

HIDDEN-TECH ...  The  highly participatory, totally interactive, and remarkably engaging small business network of western Massachusetts. 


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