We Lead our Region's Economic Development. We Lead our Region's Economic Development.
Our Team


Ann Burke, Vice President, Director of HomeField Advantage & Business Development

EDC of Western Massachusetts, (413) 755-1374 a.burke@westernmassedc.com


Karen Tetreault, Executive Assistant, (413) 233-9851                                  k.tetreault@westernmassedc.com




Anne DeWolf, Manager of Data, Technology & Business Development,                  

EDC of Western Massachusetts (413) 755-1368 a.dewolf@westernmassedc.com






Lynn Kucejko, Controller,    

EDC of Western Massachusetts, (413) 755-1306                                           l.kucejko@westernmassedc.com






Kenneth W. Delude, President,

Westmass Area Development Corporation, (413) 593-6422 k.delude@westernmassedc.com

Marion Buck, Executive Assistant

Westmass Area Development Corporation, (413)593-6421  m.buck@westernmassedc.com


Michael W. Bolton, Director of Civil Aviation

Westover Metropolitan Airport (413) 593-5543






Jeff Ciuffreda,President, Affiliated Chambers of Commerce of Greater Springfield, Inc.,  (413) 755-1312 ciuffreda@myonlinechamber.com







Mary Kay Wydra, President,  Greater Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau,  (413) 755-1372                                     







Michele Goldberg, Director of Marketing, Greater Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau, (413) 755-1344,                   






Chris Russell, Interim Executive Director, Springfield Business Improvement District, (413) 781-1594                                               chris.russell@springfielddowntown.com





Sarah LaCour, Executive Director, Amherst Business Improvement District, (413) 345-2945